• World’s First Robotic Double Valve Replacement, 2011.

23 year old male who had chest discomfort,shortness of breath and palpitations for 4 years.Had mitral valve stenosis (shrunk) and regurgitation (leaking) and aortic valve stenosis (shrunk).Had robotic double valve replacement.


    • World’s first Robotic combined Mitral Valve Replacement and CABG, 2011.

66 year old man with compliants of chest pain and shortness of breath. Patient had coronary artery disease and severe mitral valve leak. Patient had combined robotic mitral valve replacement and coronary artery bypass surgery.


  • India’s first Robotic Aortic Valve Replacement, 2010.
 robotic aortic valve-small

18 year old patient with complaints of palpitations, chest discomfort, chest pain on exertion. Patient had aortic valve stenosis (shrunk) and regurgitation (leak) with reduced pumping of the heart. He underwent robotic aortic valve replacement.


  • India’s first Robotic Mitral Valve Replacement, 2006.
 drr-ravikumar Today’s Paper » NATIONAL » ANDHRA PRADESH (October 8, 2006)Special CorrespondentHYDERABAD:Heart surgeons at CARE Hospital here have replaced the mitral valve in the fist-sized muscular organ of a 23-year-old patient using a robot.



  • Largest series of Robotic Aortic Valve Replacement.