What doyens in the field say about Dr. R.Ravi Kumar

dr michael e jessen

Dr. Michael E Jessen

Professor & Chairman
Cardio Thoracic Surgery
UTSW, Dallas

” Dr. Ravi Kumar is an exemplary cardiothoracic surgeon with experience in areas to which few are exposed “

” Has experience in DOMINO Heart & Lung Transplant which are performed in very few centers in the world “

” Dr. Ravi Kumar has performed a large volume of transplants and is now considered to have met the requirements of UNOS eligibility”

” Dr. Ravi Kumar has distinguished himself as a stellar cardiothoracic surgeon”

“Extraordinary experience in International training”

” Shown commitment to research and development of new ideas in cardiothoracic surgery “

” Dr. Ravi Kumar has clearly proven to be a surgeon of extraordinary ability who has reached the pinnacle of his profession”


dr michael e jessen

Dr. Albert Starr

Cardiovascular Surgery
OHSU, Portland

” Dr. Ravi Kumar impressed us with exemplary surgical ability and clinical acumen “

” His extensive experience in surgical management of patients with heart failure is unique “

” We have trained over 100 surgeons in the past 30 years and Dr. Ravi Kumar ranks as the top 1% of the surgeons we have trained”

” Thorough his clinical and original scientific work Dr. Ravi Kumar has proven to be a physician of extraordinary ability”

dr michael e jessen

Dr. Michael Wait

Cardio Thoracic Surgery
UTSW, Dallas

” Dr. Ravi Kumar has excellent psychomotor skills and a very nice soft touch “

” His pre-operative evaluation, intra-operative decision making and post-operative care are exemplary”

” Can perform complex, advanced cardiac cases, redo surgery, valve surgery as well as heart and lung transplant surgery”

” I would recommend him highly without reservation”


dr wickii vigneswaran

Dr. Wickii Vigneswaran

Professor of Surgery
Lung and Heart-Lung Transplantation
The University of Chicago

“Dr Ravi Kumar became an expert in treating patients with complex heart valve problems “

” He elected to specialize in the field of heart and lung transplantation and the implantable artificial heart program. This field requires detailed knowledge of complex issues related to transplantation, high technical skills, strong critical care abilities and leadership qualities. Dr. Ravi Kumar excelled in these requirements and proved that he is an outstanding physician of exceptional abilities”

” Great educator”